Tim Parks and Toney Powell have formed a stylish addition to the world of men’s fashion, TP² (squared) Men’s Apparel.

The duo brings a modern, sexy, bold and edgy presence to menswear. Collectively involving themselves in various projects to fulfill their career goals. Both men are no strangers to the rigors of product development and production work.

Parks, a 30 year veteran of the apparel industry and Alum of Bauder College, has an extensive career in product development, with an emphasis on the detailing of traditional men’s apparel.

Powell, an Alum of Florida A & M University, injects the ”Edge” factor to the duo with his widespread background in styling for private clientele, runway modeling and fashion show production.

The two have styled for music videos, editorial photo shoots and participated in major fashion show fundraising events such as Burlesque for Breasts featuring the Lifetime’s hit reality show Double Divas.

Our Portfolio

Media & Styling


TP Squared Men’s Apparel amazes with its 2nd fashion show, Press Play

"The legendary Ebony Fashion Fair captivated Toney Powell and Tim Parks with its influence on production values and creative themes. Buzzwords such as press play, rewind, remix and fast forward appeared during their..." - Robert Lee


R&B group "HisStory"

TP2 styled HisStory for their tribute performance for Jermaine Dupri at the Legendary Awards


ChipOffDaBloc - Real N*gga [Music Video]

TP2 styled provided the outfits for the Real N*gga [Music Video] by ChipOffDaBloc


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